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Digital Investing Made Easy!

Let IQvestment guide your investment journey

At AST we have collaborated with IQvestment, an SEC-registered internet investment advisor and leader in digital investing, to bring you a sophisticated yet simple investment solution.


IQvestment offers professionally managed, automated portfolios matched to your specific needs and tolerance for risk. 


Let IQvestment's cutting-edge investment technology simplify your investment needs.


Paperless, Digital Onboarding

IQvestment's 100% paperless, digital onboarding makes account opening a breeze.


Simply fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire and provide some additional information and you're off and running in as little as 10 minutes. 

Intelligent Portfolio Matching

IQvestment matches you with a portfolio that's just right for you.


Just answer a few short questions about your tolerance for risk, your investment experience and goals while IQvestment's sophisticated technology creates a portfolio tailored specifically to your stated objectives.

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Investment Monitoring

Clients are provided an easy-to-use, elegant investor dashboard where they can track investments, securely link bank accounts and retrieve important investment and tax documents. 


Seamless and Secure Funding

Link your bank and investment accounts seamlessly and securely to fund your portfolio.

Make deposits anytime you'd like or set automatic, recurring deposits.

Whichever method you choose IQvestments platform makes it secure and simple.

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